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Our services include Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Advanced Medical Directives and Testamentary Trusts. We can work with your advisers including accountants, valuees and financial planners to provide you with the best advice on structuring your estate.

It is important to review your Will every few years and after any new financial or personal events, such as a significant business arrangement, a wedding, the birth of a child, a divorce or if you move outside of your state, province or country.

When you should create or update your Wills and other planning documents:

If your relationship status changes, that is, if you get married, separate, divorced, re-marry
1. If you have children, be it from your first relationship or any other relationship
2. If you accrue significant debts
3. If any beneficiary under your current will passes away
4. If executor of your Will passes away or becomes ill

Do I need a Will?

While you might not think it’s important if you have no assets, even small estates can create tension between family members.

Not to mention without some planning, even a short term incapacity can lead to serious financial issues if no one can step in and look after personal or business finances.

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