Child Custody

1. Who gets custody?

In Australia, we follow the “best interests of the child” doctrine, which means the child’s best interests are the paramount consideration for the Court. The Court can also take into account literally dozens of factors to determine where the children should reside as their primary residence and which parent should make important decisions in the child’s life like educational, religious, and medical decisions. Child custody can also include grandparents or other people closely concerned with the care of the child. Our child custody lawyers in Brisbane will handle your case with care, confidentiality, and compassion that you or your family deserve, and can tell you what your likelihood of winning are.

Personal views of the children can be considered

2. What factors are considered in child custody matters?

The factors most typically considered are:

  • Personal views of the children
  • The competing proposals of the parents.
  • Possibly any physical or mental health issues of all parties involved
  • History of violence by either of the parents
  • The relationship between the child and each parent
  • The home environment each parent can provide for the child
  • The recommendation by any expert social workers and psychologists.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

3. Will we need to go to court?

Not without trying to resolve the matter first. Family Dispute resolution is compulsory in all family law matters that involve children. This is to reduce legal and court costs and help parents reach agreements. It’s important to have a skilled and qualified child custody lawyer to represent you in mediation. There are also free services available you can go to without lawyers. If the matter fails to resolve in mediation, you can apply to the court to hear the matter.




Selecting a child custody lawyer in Brisbane

When selecting a child custody lawyer in Brisbane you should choose someone who you feel comfortable with. A family lawyer who’s good at her or his job will be able to reduce the pain when dealing with child custody issues. Hiring a professional lawyer which will fight for you is important to protecting your rights and making sure that your family is cared for in the way that they deserve.

Cudmore Legal – Child custody lawyers in Brisbane

No other single issue is more heated, emotionally charged, and important in the law than child custody matters. We are family-oriented lawyers with a purpose; a purpose to be on your side and to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. We offer free consultations of up to 1 hour and will even come to you, anywhere on earth.

Anytime there are dealings with children, the situation should involve careful measures and compassion. Cudmore Legal has a growing reputation for treating our clients with a professional, compassionate, and understanding manner.  Child custody arrangements can be one of the tensest areas of family law.

We understand talking to a lawyer can make people feel very anxious and unsettled at times.  Our child custody lawyers in Brisbane will make you feel at ease.

Temporary orders can happen very quickly (and sometimes without you even knowing) and are usually followed soon by a permanent order. Your ability to defend against a temporary or permanent order or even negotiating the conditions will depend on having a thorough understanding of the law. ...

Whether or not mediation is suitable really depends on your own unique situation and it’s best to discuss it with an experienced family lawyer...

Mediation is arguably one of the most useful tools in the family law process. The main reason why mediation works is that the agreement reached in mediation is mutually beneficial. In the majority of cases, parties will reach an agreement and even if they do not, mediation helps parties safely evaluate their options and explore settlement before going to court....